Top 10 Animal Kills The Most Humans

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Every year there are many human deaths caused by animals, and in this selection are highlighted the 10 Animal Kills The Most Humans. Nature owns her own path, and people have been reminded of it several times.
For example, for every beautiful creature created, a natural murder was also created. This is nature’s way of saying that there must be a balance for everything, something that humans tend to forget too often. Even among animals there is a natural selection, where each one has a predator so that the species can not predominate in a certain area. For this selection, it was considered the annual average of fatal human victims caused by animals.

10. Bees: Human Deaths – 53 per year

Bees Top 10 Animal Kills The Most Humans
Most people are scared of these little insects because they are afraid of the sting. Their venom is known to be very painful, and potentially dangerous.
Fortunately, most people are not allergic to bee venom, but those who are, may have an allergic reaction, fall into anaphylactic shock, and if not treated with an antidote in time, they may die.

9. Jellyfish: Human Deaths – 100 per year

Jellyfish Top 10 Animal Kills The Most Humans
Jellyfish is considered the most dangerous animal in the sea . Your bites are very painful, but most of them are not life-threatening. However, the Cubozoa class is not in this group, and its venom can cause paralysis, which unfortunately usually causes drowning.

8. Lions: Human Deaths – 100 per year

Lions Top 10 Animal Kills The Most Humans
A 200 kg killing machine. The king of the jungle is made up of muscles, tusks and claws, which are designed to rip anything that comes their way. However, lions generally do not attack people, and every year 100 people are killed by these predators.

7. Elephants: Human Deaths – 100 per year

Elephants Top 10 Animal Kills The Most Humans
The largest of the mammals, and the largest animal on earth is one of the most dangerous animals in the world . Once they get angry, nothing can stop these giant animals. Every year, around 100 people are killed by elephants.

6. Hippos: Human Deaths – 500 per year

Hippos Top 10 Animal Kills The Most Humans
Even though hippos appear slow and lazy, they can be quite fast at small distances. Hippos are known as the most dangerous animals in Africa. They are not carnivorous, but have a temperament considered short and are known to attack humans unprovoked.

5. Crocodiles: Human Deaths – 1000 per year

Crocodiles Top 10 Animal Kills The Most Humans
The crocodile has not changed much since the dinosaur era, and only got smaller. It is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. With its great strong jaws, filled with sharp teeth.
Still very strong muscles, and the ability to move to its prey undetected, then there is no difficulty in attacking any human. The crocodile is an animal that definitely has to be avoided in every way possible. 

4. Scorpions: Human Deaths – 3250 per year

Scorpions Top 10 Animal Kills The Most Humans
The fact is that there are 50 species of scorpions that are capable of killing humans with the poison. Every year, these dangerous little stingers are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, and for most of these deaths, the Scorpion Death Stalker is to blame.

3. Tse Tse Fly: Human Deaths – 10,000 per year

Tse Tse Fly Top 10 Animal Kills The Most Humans
These flies live in Africa, and are known to cause sleeping sickness with biting. When the disease begins to progress, people are confused at all times, and have problems with speech, suffer from epileptic seizures and have a difficult time with walking. If not treated properly and in time, this disease will cause death.

2. Snakes: Human Deaths – 57,000 per year

Snakes Top 10 Animal Kills The Most Humans
Almost every human on the planet is afraid of snakes, and there is a good reason for that. Every year, around 57,000 people die of a poisonous snake bite / sting. Snakes can be found everywhere on the planet, except in Antarctica.
Typically, snakes move away from people, but if the individual accidentally steps on it, or if the snake feels threatened, this animal will bite.
There are around 3000 species of snake, and 450 of them are lethal to humans. Keeping in mind that there are so many different venomous snake species , and that their habitat is so widely spread, it is no wonder that so many deaths occur.

1. Mosquitoes: Human Deaths – 1 million a year

Mosquitoes Top 10 Animal Kills The Most Humans
Mosquitoes are known to spread various diseases, especially malaria, and around 200 million people get this mosquito bite disease each year.
Even if modern science can fight with insecticides and some care, every year, in their breeding season, they become the third largest population on the planet, in front of them are only ants and termites.
And a scary fact, the count of fatal victims each year is about 1 million, with mosquitoes leading position in this selection of the top 10 animals that kill people in the world.

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