Top 10 Animals That Have A Lifelong Companion

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As romantic as it may seem, the reason some species mate through life has more to do with the need than love. Having to go through the hassle of finding a partner every year makes the animals vulnerable not only to predators but also to severe conditions experienced by some.

For example, most people believe that penguins mate for life and this is real for most species, although the emperor penguin is serially monogamous, which means they will join with a single mate each season.

Although it is the monogamous animal example for most people, there are some other species that have spent their entire lives with the companion of their choice. In this selection are highlighted the 10 Animals That Have A Lifelong Companion.

10. Penguins

Penguins Top 10 Animals That Have A Lifelong Companion

Penguins are often referred to as the animal poster to monogamous relationships, yet they are not completely monogamous, but monogamous in series. This means that penguins really tend to stick together but only for one season of breeding each time. That said, some pairs of penguins really stay together for life, but only sometimes.

9. Torres’s Owl

Torres's Owl Top 10 Animals That Have A Lifelong Companion

These animals are the first really monogamous by far. When the owl-towers meet a mate, they stay together for the rest of their lives. While this sounds very romantic, it should be said that their mating rituals are very aggressive, involving screams, whistles and even pecking at each other.

8. Tiliqua Rugosa

Tiliqua Rugosa Top 10 Animals That Have A Lifelong Companion

Basically lizards, the rugged tiliqua also has a dating protocol to fulfill. When a male observes a female to his liking, he will continue to follow her, gently nudging, licking and following her wherever she goes. Probably tired of always trying to scold her, the female eventually gives in to her advances and thus, they stay the rest of their lives together.

7. Microtus Ochrogaster

Microtus Ochrogaster Top 10 Animals That Have A Lifelong Companion

It is not only the novel that unites the monogamous animals, but also the necessity, and the arganazes of the field are the main example of this. These little creatures choose to spend their entire lives together with their companions, doing everything together, be it nest building or sleeping.

6. Bald eagle

Bald eagle Top 10 Animals That Have A Lifelong Companion

The bald eagle is not only a symbol of American patriotism, but an example when it comes to family life as well. Although migration periods pass by themselves, whenever the mating season arises, they faithfully return to their mates. Kidding, of course, some would say that the reason their relationships work so well is because of the intervals they sometimes take from each other, intervals that end up imposing their attachment to each other.

5. Fish

Fish Top 10 Animals That Have A Lifelong Companion

This is the first fish of the selection, but is far from being the only fish to respect the unwritten rules of monogamous relationships. While there are other fish that spend much time with their companions, no other fish shows the passion and commitment of the basking fish. Not only does monkfish spend their entire lives with their mate, but they also swim next to each other 99% of the time.

4. Beaver

Beaver Top 10 Animals That Have A Lifelong Companion

Beavers are some of the most devoted parents in the animal kingdom. Not only are they faithful to their partners, but they also share the responsibilities in raising their offspring. Then, until their children are old enough to leave the house, the beavers will take care of every need of their offspring, meaning the beaver pups are some of the most spoiled puppies of all animals.

3. Swan

Swan Top 10 Animals That Have A Lifelong Companion

A symbol of elegance and romance, the swans play their popular image very well. Not only is their aesthetically pleasing affection due to the shape their long necks form when they are swimming together, but they also bond to life most of the time. It is said most of the time, because just like people, swans that do not get along with their partners sometimes divorce, a practice derived from their inability to mate because of various reasons.

2. Wolf

Wolf Top 10 Animals That Have A Lifelong Companion

Wolves have the reputation of being vicious predators, hunting within well-organized assemblages. The lesser known thing about wolf sets is that although the alpha male / female actually guides the pack, they often share their domain with their mates. After choosing them, the wolves will spend the rest of their lives with their partners, hunting, and sharing responsibilities with each other.

1. Albatross

Albatross Top 10 Animals That Have A Lifelong Companion

Although there is something like a “lovebird”, the albatrosses show real commitment, indicating patience and unique persistence when it comes to their lifelong partners. What makes these animals so special is their ability to spend long periods of time looking for the perfect partner and seducing them through noises, curvature, smoothing, and a variety of other interesting dance moves to woo.

After seducing their companions, the albatrosses spend the rest of their lives within close proximity to each other, almost never losing their companions’ place until death do them part.

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