Top 10 Best Breeds Of Hunting Dogs

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Hunting dogs are those who do their hunting work for the good of the human hunter. The list includes different types like hunting dog, bird dogs, and lair dogs. Its role is to help humans, not to have prey for themselves. Hunting dogs are distinguished with good eyesight or sense of smell who are able to see / smell their prey in the distance.They can also work solitary without help from human agents. Birds dogs receive their orders from humans to attack prey and capture in their mouths; the play dogs are those who kill. In this selection are highlighted the 10 best breeds of hunting dogs, to observe the best types of hunters, variously called hunting dogs, which are of different sizes and formats.

10. Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier Top 10 Best Breeds Of Hunting Dogs
Patients as they are, fox terriers are distinguished with good eyesight and ability to hunt foxes. They are also differentiated with the perfect size that will allow you to take a hunt with you. Being small may be the reason why people did not use them in the job they were intended for.

9. English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel Top 10 Best Breeds Of Hunting Dogs
Good runners who lack patience and energy may fail to follow a very agile prey. In the world of hunting dogs this is applicable as well. The springer spaniel, could have been a professional runner. Energetic, flexible, agile, and patient; the spaniels are perfect hunters with sweet manners.

8. Pointer

Pointer Top 10 Best Breeds Of Hunting Dogs
The work of the pointers is accurate and they perform it with amazing patience. With strong body they can stay in ambush for their prey for hours, just as they have to guide their hunters to when to shoot.

7. Golden retriever

Golden retriever Top 10 Best Breeds Of Hunting Dogs
Whenever they are not doing a hunting job, retrievers are hyperactive as they need to deliver their energy flow. As hunters, they are in their best environment when hunting for ducks. They are easy to train, friendly and quick learners.

6. Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water Dog Top 10 Best Breeds Of Hunting Dogs
These dogs are able to do a number of missions in different habitats. Mainly a cattle guard in some places of the world, the water dog as the name implies, his work is mainly in the water. And it was also used for search and rescue work.

5. Beagle

Beagle Top 10 Best Breeds Of Hunting Dogs
Beagles have excellent hunting abilities supported by their good howl. They have plenty of energy just as they do well. Although they have a friendly attitude, beagles are a bit difficult to obey, unless the owner has trained them for it.

4. Breed Spaniel

Breed Spaniel Top 10 Best Breeds Of Hunting Dogs
Another type of hunting dog that needs your training is the Breton spaniel. They have excellent intelligence in bird hunting. Another advantage of the breed is its small size and plenty of energy, so when thinking about buying a dog for children, this is the perfect choice.

3. German Short Hair Brace

German Short Hair Brace Top 10 Best Breeds Of Hunting Dogs
As the pointers mentioned, this does not follow for direct hunting. Instead, it waits and tells the hunter, be it a person or a bird. The pointer is great for home breeding, as it will be easy to train. In short, they love humans and interact well with them.This dog measures between 58 and 64 cm, in relation to males, and for females, between 53 and 59 cm in withers. The males have a weight ranging from 25 kg to 31 kg and for females the weight varies between 20 kg and 27 kg. The coat is short, smooth and rough.

2. Coonhound

Coonhound Top 10 Best Breeds Of Hunting Dogs
Categorized as a hunting dog, the coonhounds often use their snouts for the work of hunting that are called “hunting dog by odor”. The strange mixture of their names comes from the fact that they are perfect raccoon hunters. Still, they are excellent for other types of fighters as well, and the coonhound is second in this selection of the top 10 breeds of hunting dogs.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Top 10 Best Breeds Of Hunting Dogs
The Labrador Dog is the perfect blend of all the features mentioned in the above hunting dogs. They are intelligent and friendly, but they are still much better as hunters in the water. And they are able to capture their prey with a gentle catch that the owner will receive the same alive and healthy, being the labrador retriever position leader in this selection of the 10 best breeds of hunting dogs.Males, physically, can present between 56 and 57 cm in relation to the height at withers, with weight of 36 to 40 kg. And the coat itself is thick and impermeable, the tail being used for swimming. The Labrador can come in 3 colors, yellow, chocolate and black.A favorite breed for aid of disabled in many countries, the Labrador is often trained to help the blind, those who have autism, to act as a therapy dog ​​and perform the screening work and detection of objects for law enforcement and other agencies officials.

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