Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World

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The waterfalls provide incredible scenery and the most interesting is that they are natural. Many of these wonders are sights for the world with the best visual energy and relaxation. In this selection are the impressive 10 highest waterfalls in the world, with incredible waterfalls, and breathtaking environments for visit and inspiration.

1. Angel Falls (Salto Angel) – Venezuela

Angel Falls Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World
The leader among the highest waterfalls is Salto Angel, with total 979 meters, located in Venezuela. It is considered the highest in the world, with huge direct jump of 807 meters, in the Canaima National Park.
The falls are on the Kerep River, which reaches the Churun ​​River. And before the main fall, the waterfall presents inclined cascades, and are followed with lower drop of 30 meters; is the largest without interruption. The water will run 807 meters from the flat plateau, Auyan-Tepui.Salto Angel is one of the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world .

2. Tugela Falls – South Africa

Tugela Falls Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World
The location of the Tugela Falls is in the Royal National Park of Royal Natal, which is KwaZulu province. They are total 948 meters, the highest of Africa, and the descent of the water is by 948 meters of height, in series by 5 cascades.

3. Tres Hermanas Falls – Peru

Tres Hermanas Falls Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World
The Tres Hermanas Falls total 914 meters and are in the selection of the 10 highest waterfalls in the world. They are generated by Cutiverani, an important river, and are close to the city of Ayacucho. They were observed only in the search of the photographers by another high waterfall, that they discovered the Three Sisters.
The name of the waterfall originates in the three falls that are separated, with two visible by the air, with water falling in the wide basin, for the third fall to appear. At 914 meters in height, the selection counts on the Falls the Three Sisters among the highest waterfalls in the world.

4. Olo’upena (Oloupena) – Hawaii

Oloupena Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World
The waterfall is in the United States, on Molokai Island, this is celebrated the most Hawaiian of the Hawaiian Islands, by history of isolation. They are 900 meters in layers, and have a very fine appearance, still surrounded by mountains by the sides.

5. Yumbilla Falls – Peru

Yumbilla Falls Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World
This is a recent discovery, with 896 meters total, by the Amazon region in Peru. There is controversial issue regarding the height of the waterfall, since the National Geographic Institute of Peru presents 896 meters, being other sources with 870 meters.
And the cataract is composed of layers, possessing 4 large falls. Yumbilla replaces Gocta as the highest in Peru, this height of 771 meters. In the country there was animation by the expressive height characteristic for the world, of Yumbilla.
After the discovery of this waterfall, the Ministry of Tourism of Peru produced tours with a duration of 2 days to visit Yumbilla, Gocta and Chinata waterfall.

6. Vinnufossen – Norway

Vinnufossen Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World
The Vinnufossen is waterfall on the Vinnu River, by the municipality of Sunndal, Norway, at 860 meters. The water received by the Vinnu comes from the glacier Vinnufonna, falling from the cliff to the valley, and empties into the river Driva. The stream is low of the river, varying as rains and melted glaciers.

7. Baläifossen – Norway

Balaifossen Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World
It is 850 meters from the waterfall among the 10 highest in the world, located in Osafjorden, Hordaland province, with cliff fall in the waters of Osafjorden.
The falls apparently are fed by lakes, with seasonal snowfields aiding with most of the water from the stream, which is likely. And for better view of the falls, there is road across the fjord.

8. Puukaoku Falls – Hawaii

Puukaoku Falls Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World
It is 840 meters and is located on Molokai Island. Already the fall comes from the prices and the cliffs with proximity to the sea. Another interesting and sizeable waterfall in Hawaii composing the selection.

9. Bruce James Falls – Canada

Bruce James Falls Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World
James Bruce Falls is the highest measured waterfall in the continent of North America and ninth tallest in the world. Located in Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada, it stems from a small snowfield and cascades 840 m (2,760 ft) down to Princess Louisa Inlet. Two parallel streams, for which the falls are named, come from this snowfield, one of which is persistent throughout the year and the other of which usually dries up by July. The stream flows into Loquilts Creek, which empties into the inlet via the better known Chatterbox Falls.

10. Browne Falls – New Zealand

Browne Falls Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World
They are incredible 836 meters in Browne Falls, with width still summarized in 12 meters, and location in Fiordlands National Park, the island in the south of New Zealand. And Browne Falls is the last position among the expressive 10 highest waterfalls in the world, with 836 meters total.

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