Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World

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Trees are among the organisms that live a longer life on Earth . The selection of the 10 oldest trees in the world is not consensual, and varies according to the dating method and databases used by each research team. After crossing information, the oldest trees were enumerated according to dating techniques called cross-dating.
That is based on observing patterns of matching width and length between the colors of the same tree rings, and between trees from different places, and 14-radiocarbon test, which determines the age of the sample by measuring the amount of carbon- 14 that decreases as time passes.
In this selection are not included other very old trees that are found in the searches, because the dating of them is not strict enough to allow to determine the exact order of them. So, the situation is restricted to the trees dated according to the scientific methods mentioned above.
Since childhood, experience with trees is felt in everyone’s life, even unconsciously. But with modern life in large cities, people become fragmented and individualistic creating a division in contact with nature. The trees are an essential pillars for life on the planet, therefore, it is fundamental to preserve and respect them.

10. Miles Juniper

Miles Juniper Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World
The Juniperus occidentalis is a tree native to the western United States. And the shoots of this tree are of moderate thickness between junipers, of 1 – 1.6 mm in diameter. The color of the bark is reddish brown to brown, and has green leaves. The oldest specimen is named Miles Juniper and is 1810 years old, and grows in Sierra Nevada, California, United States.

9. Rocky Mountain Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum)

Rocky Mountain Juniper Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World
This Juniperus Scopulorum resembles the eastern red cedar because of its bark. The foliage is blue-green and gives large dark blue fruits that can take up to 2 years to mature. These trees can grow up to 50 feet high and 30 feet wide. The oldest living on Earth is 1889 years old and lives in northern New Mexico, United States.

8. Subalpine Larch (larix lyallii)

Subalpine Larch Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World

At 1919 years of age, the respectable Larix Iyalli is located in Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada. The branches are irregularly twisted and spaced apart. And it has a straight trunk with a rare and somewhat conical crown. Over time, the trunk became scaly and wrinkled in small plates, and darkened.

7. SHP 7

SHP 7 Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World
This is Pinus balfouriana, family foxtail pine, which is a species of native pine from the New World. They are 2110 years old, and it sits in Sierra Nevada, California. Its branches are short and thick in diameter.

6. Bennett Juniper

Bennett Juniper Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World
It is the oldest specimen of the species Juniperus occidentalis, about 2200 years old. It is located in the Stanislaus National Forest of California, measuring 26 feet and a diameter of 3.88 m.

5. Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine

Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World
The 2435-year-old Pinus aristata is situated in Black Mountain, near South Park, Central Colorado, United States. Its main features are its twisted trunk and reddish-brown color of its branches. It is the oldest of the 12 specimens found in the same park.

4. The president

The president Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World
The president tree, Sequoiadendron giganteum, is the name of a giant sequoia located in the Sequoia National Park of Nevada, in the United States, California. This tree is at the same 3200 years old, and has 2 billion leaves, being 247 feet tall.

3. Larch

Larch Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World
This wonderful conifer, Fitzroya cupressoides, has an estimated age of 3620 years and is native to Chile. These trees can reach more than 45 m in height, although they have overcome only a few millimeters of trunk circumference each year. Thus, it may take a millennium until they reach their maximum height.

2. Methuselah

Methuselah Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World
This tree is also a Pinus longaeva, and did not receive this name by accident. Considered until recently the oldest specimen in the world, it is estimated that it is at least 4845 years old, and second in this selection of the 10 oldest trees in the world.
This rarity lives in Methuselah Grove, located in Inyo National Forest, California, and just like the previous tree, its exact location is kept under wraps to prevent the tree from suffering any kind of vandalism.

1. Pine, Pinus longaeva

Pine Pinus longaeva Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World
The recent discovery of this tree placed it automatically in the leading position of this selection, taking the place of Methuselah. Both belong to the same species and both were found in the same park in White Mountains, California.
At 5062 years of age, this is the oldest living tree in the world. And its exact location was not published to prevent vandalism. Her discovery is so recent that the tree has not yet received a name.

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