Conrad Murray Top 10 Richest Doctors In The World

Top 10 Richest Doctors In The World

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A doctor definitely deserves to be in a place close to God because he is known as the one who saves all creatures that thrive on the planet. If someone does not feel well, the doctor is the professional who is always there to treat the person. There are different types of doctors in the world, with expertise in different fields. Some of them earn an average income while others earn impressive amounts. Although all doctors have studied the same curriculum, their methods of practice highlight them. In this selection the 10 richest doctors in the world are highlighted.

10. Dr. Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray Top 10 Richest Doctors In The World
With a net worth of $ 500,000, Conrad Murray is a medical professional who specializes in the medical field. He received media attention for good and bad things. Good things include offering free medical services in the form of medical camps around the world, and bad things include involvement in involuntary manslaughter for Michael Jackson’s death. This doctor earns $ 160,000 per month and is the father of 7 children, with Conrad being ranked tenth of the 10 richest physicians in the world.

9. Dr. James Andrews

James Andrews Top 10 Richest Doctors In The World
Having performed orthopedic surgeries on many famous celebrities, American surgeon James Andrews stands out. He treated Kevin Smith, John Cena, Triple H and Shawn Michael several times for their injuries that occurred during professional games.

8. Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz Top 10 Richest Doctors In The World
He is the most famous celebrity doctor of this generation. In addition to being a cardiothoracic surgeon with a net worth of $ 14 million, he is also the host and very famous personality of the TV that appeared in programs like Good Morning America , The View and Today . He has written more than 400 books on medical science and has also produced many research papers. He is also a professor and founder of Health Corps and still co-founder of Web-MD .

7. Dr. Paul Nassif

Paul Nassif Top 10 Richest Doctors In The World
Probably the best cosmetic surgeon in the world, Dr. Paul Nassif is someone whose appointments should be scheduled 6 months earlier if it is desired that he just make the appointment. His net worth is $ 14 million and he is a rhinoplasty specialist who travels the globe just to correct people’s faces and offer them a completely altered look. He is well known for the surgical techniques he applies in operations for rebuilding the face of people.

6. Dr. Robert Rey

Robert Rey Top 10 Richest Doctors In The World
A graduate of Harvard Medical School, he is a doctor as well as a celebrity because he is very successful. He has also appeared in several big screen projects as well as national television ads endorsing various brands related to the medical field. Brazilian-born Dr. Rey who is a plastic surgery specialist has a net worth of $ 15 million, and Rey is sixth in this selection of the 10 richest doctors in the world.

5. Dr. Leonard Hochstein

Leonard Hochstein Top 10 Richest Doctors In The World
With a net worth of more than $ 20 million, this American surgeon is best known for the type of face reconstruction he does. He is a world famous plastic surgeon and has made successful operations of facial rejuvenation, body contouring, and breast augmentation.Most celebrities have developed the aesthetics and geometry of their bodies with the help of this incredible doctor. He has performed more than 10,000 successful plastic surgeries to date and is one of the most famous surgeons in Miami that welcomes his clients from all over the world.

4. Dr. Gary Michelson

Gary Michelson Top 10 Richest Doctors In The World
A world-renowned spine surgeon who has a net worth of $ 1.4 billion, he is known for his medical inventions, the use of a surgical instrument, and the methods he uses for driving operations. He is made up of Hahnemann Medical College and Temple University and has a 25 year practice in the field.

3. Phillip Frost

Phillip Frost Top 10 Richest Doctors In The World
Having a net worth of 2.4 billion, he is a physician at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. And he is also the president of Teva Pharmaceuticals, which is one of the largest producers of medicines in the world. He has made several successful projects in the field of dermatology and is known for the products that his company does, and Phillip is third in this selection of the 10 richest doctors in the world.

2. Thomas Frist Jr

Thomas Frist Jr Top 10 Richest Doctors In The World
Thomas is an expert surgeon and his net worth is $ 4 billion. He has been a mentor to doctors around the world because of the ethical medical practices he follows. He owns the Hospital Corporation of America and has served many renowned positions in famous health care organizations. Currently, this surgeon is a member of the Nashville Community Foundation who has free medical facilities around the world.

1. Patrick Soon-Shiong

Patrick Soon-Shiong Top 10 Richest Doctors In The World
Dr. Soon-Shiong is currently the richest physician in the world with a $ 7.3 billion equity and is a leading position in this selection. Its fortune is mainly due to the development and manufacture of the most effective drug for breast cancer. He has received awards from many renowned organizations such as American College for Surgeons, Royal College of Canada and is currently the owner of 2 pharmaceutical companies.

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